Used Chest Freezer For Sale Craigslist (2024)

1. SF bay area for sale "chest freezer" - craigslist

  • Chest Freezer - Insignia - 5cu.ft. 7/7·Santa Cruz. $80

  • SF bay area for sale "chest freezer" - craigslist

2. new york appliances - by owner "freezer, chest" - craigslist

  • Chest Freezer & refridgerator for sale 1. ••. Chest Freezer & refridgerator for sale. 6/30·west chester. $800 hide.

  • new york appliances - by owner "freezer, chest" - craigslist

3. phoenix for sale by owner "chest freezer" - craigslist

4. Freezer-less Fridges and Freezers - Kimo's Appliances

  • Freezer-less Fridges and Freezers · $700 · Special Price: $360.

  • (818) 787-8995

Freezer-less Fridges and Freezers - Kimo's Appliances

5. seattle appliances - by owner "chest freezer" - craigslist

  • Chest Freezer 5 Cubic Feet, 37 Gallons, 141 Liters, 5 Cu. Ft. 1 min ago·Lake Oswego. $125

  • seattle appliances - by owner "chest freezer" - craigslist

6. New and used Chest Freezers for sale | Facebook Marketplace

7. eastern NC freezer for sale - craigslist

  • Kenmore top freezer refrigerator used in good condition with 90days warranty. 7/3·Mount Rainier. $450 hide. GE Chest Freezer... 1. ••••••••. GE Chest Freezer...

  • eastern NC freezer for sale - craigslist

8. los angeles for sale "chest freezer" - craigslist

  • Chest freezer 1 · Chest freezer · $175 ; AMANA *NEW* CHEST FREEZER 1 · AMANA *NEW* CHEST FREEZER · $375 ; Like New chest freezer 1 · Like New chest freezer · $150

  • los angeles for sale "chest freezer" - craigslist

9. Bulk Food Storage: The Chest Freezer - The Pasture Stand

  • 3 sep 2019 · Using Craigslist, we found a huge, like-new upright freezer for $300 being sold by a restaurant going out of business. We can put a half-beef ...

  • One of the most common concerns I hear as people start to buy their food directly from a local farmer is, “where do I store all this food?” or “I wish I had room but my freezer is full.” It’s an excellent question and one I hope to address here by providing a compelling option that doesn’t break the

Bulk Food Storage: The Chest Freezer - The Pasture Stand

10. Shop Habitat for Humanity ReStore

  • What new and gently used goods can you buy at Habitat ReStore? · Appliances · Building materials · Used furniture ...

  • Shop Habitat ReStore for your next home project and support the effort to provide decent housing around the world.

Shop Habitat for Humanity ReStore
Used Chest Freezer For Sale Craigslist (2024)


How many years does a chest freezer last? ›

On average, the life expectancy of a refrigerator-freezer or chest freezer is 16 years. Freezers typically last anywhere from 12 to 20 years. Along with gas and electric ranges, freezers tend to be the longest-lasting kitchen appliances. But that's not a guarantee!

Which is cheaper to run chest freezer or upright freezer? ›

When it comes to upright freezer vs chest freezer energy usage, chest freezers use up less energy than upright freezers, providing some relief to both the planet and your wallet. This is largely because chest freezers have an airtight seal at the top to keep the food inside fresh.

What is the difference between a freezer and a chest freezer? ›

Upright and chest freezers have a few differences. Upright freezers are also called stand-up freezers because they are vertical, while chest freezers are horizontal. Upright freezers provide you with tall storage space and chest freezers are great for extra large items or deep freezer storage.

Do chest freezers last longer than upright freezers? ›

They do not overheat, do not have issues with leaking fluids, and are built with long-term use in mind. Chest freezers are expected to last between 15 and 20 years, while upright freezers have a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years.

Is it worth fixing a 15 year old freezer? ›

Bottom-freezer refrigerators should be repaired within seven years and considered for replacement after that. Top-freezer refrigerators should be repaired within three years, considered for repair within three to six years, and replaced if older than seven years.

Is it OK to buy second hand freezer? ›

Be sure to ask the retailer before you buy whether a second-hand appliance has passed an electrical safety test. While some independent third-party sellers may check the safety of the goods they sell privately, there is no guarantee that any such check has taken place.

How do I get rid of my chest freezer? ›

Your local waste management division may offer heavy trash pick-up and recycling programs for appliances. Contact them directly for information. Talk to Your Local Scrap Metal Recycler. Thousands of local scrap metal recyclers can recycle old fridges and freezers.

What can I do with a non-working chest freezer? ›

Chest Freezer Removal
  1. Recycle it. Chest freezers, like other appliances, consist of metals like steel and iron. ...
  2. Trade it out for a new one. ...
  3. Sell it. ...
  4. Donate it. ...
  5. Repair it. ...
  6. Call JDog Junk Removal & Hauling.

Does a chest freezer work better full or empty? ›

The majority of the energy your freezer uses goes towards cooling down the air that comes in when you open the freezer door. When your freezer is full, there is less room for warmer air to take up, and the items that are in there help to cool down any air that does sneak in. So keeping it full means less energy used.

Do chest freezers use a lot of electricity? ›

For example, a certified chest freezer uses 215 kWh of electricity which is about $30 annually.

What size chest freezer is best for a family of 4? ›

To help determine the best freezer size for your family, you could allow for 2.5 cubic feet of freezer space for each household member. For a family of four, a freezer with around 10 to 16 cubic feet of capacity could be ideal, depending on your storage needs.

Which chest freezer is good? ›

Compare Top Chest Freezers
ProductCapacityTemperature Range
Koolatron Chest Freezer7 cubic feet-11.2 to 32 F
Midea Mini Chest Freezer3.5 cubic feet-11.2 to 10.2 F
Whynter Portable True Chest Freezer2.8 cubic feet-8 to 50 F
GE Appliances Garage-Ready Chest Freezer15.7 cubic feet-5 to 5 F
2 more rows
Mar 9, 2024

Are chest freezers good or bad? ›

The Benefits of Having a Chest Freezer

Chest freezers often provide more room for storage than the standard upright freezer. They are perfect for families with young children who need a lot of space for all their frozen food necessities.

Which holds more an upright freezer or a chest freezer? ›

Buy and store in bulk: Chest freezers can maximize your deep freezer capacity due to the lack of shelves, drawers and dividers. If you buy in bulk or want to stock up on your favorite frozen items, even a small chest freezer makes the most of usable space.

How do I know if my chest freezer is going bad? ›

Food that won't stay frozen may be an obvious sign of a faulty freezer, but signs like excessive frost build-up on the walls or freezer-burnt food can also indicate unstable freezer temperatures. You may also notice your freezer making unusually loud humming, clicking or buzzing noises as parts struggle to operate.

How do you know when to replace your freezer? ›

  1. Your Fridge Freezer is Getting Old. ...
  2. Your Energy Bills are Too High. ...
  3. It's Not Getting Cold Enough. ...
  4. Food Spoils Before Its Use-By-Date. ...
  5. You've Noticed Some Condensation. ...
  6. You Have Excessive Frost Build-Up. ...
  7. It's Making Strange Noises. ...
  8. There's a Funny Smell.

How often should you replace your freezer? ›

Your freezer should last an average of 10–15 years. Depending on how you use it, take care of it, and store it, your freezer might even last a little longer.

Should I replace my 20 year old freezer? ›

First, how old is your refrigerator/freezer? While your old refrigerator may still look good and work well, if it is more than 15 years old, it's more than likely using a significant amount of energy -- in fact, more than twice the energy of a new ENERGY STAR certified model.


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