Scavenger Hunt Hogwarts Mystery | Scavenger Hunt Hogwarts Mystery (2024)

Location guide Answers for Scavenger Hunt Hogwarts Mystery to get all clues correct rewards ! this is a new event and you will see some characters with different scavenger hunt, like : Rowan’s Case, Penny’s Potions, Murphy’s Mental Match, Corey’s Case, Barnaby’s Knarl Tour, Levi’s Misplaced Wand !
Scavenger Hunt Hogwarts Mystery | Scavenger Hunt Hogwarts Mystery (1)
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery by Jam City, Inc. on iOS and Android devices

Scavenger Hunt Hogwarts Mystery | Scavenger Hunt Hogwarts Mystery (2)
In harry potter hogwarts mystery scavenger hunt you will get a clue for a hint about a location
There will be 5 clues and it’s random with every player, each clue has slightly longer waiting time until the next one
Scavenger Hunt Hogwarts Mystery | Scavenger Hunt Hogwarts Mystery (3)
You can “explore” and choose the location that best matches the clue
Scavenger Hunt Hogwarts Mystery | Scavenger Hunt Hogwarts Mystery (4)
If you are satisfied with your choice, tap “submit”
After selecting a location, the answer will be locked in with no further chance to change it
The rewards determined by how many clues answered correctly =)

Scavenger Hunt Hogwarts Mystery

Clue : Location

A broken down shop on Charing Cross Road : Leaky Cauldron
A cosy hut for a beloved Gameskeeper : Hagrid’s Hut
A cross between an attic and an old tea shop : Divinations
A crystal ball wouldn’t be out of place here : Divinations
A flat, grassy area perfect for learning to fly : Training Grounds
A long hall — that’s all : Corridor
A passage connecting rooms : Corridor
A portrait of Percival Pratt hangs here : Boathouse
A real snooze-fest : History of Magic
A safe harbour : Boathouse
A small clearing in the Forbidden Forest : Forest Grove
Allegedly as old as Hogsmeade itself : Three Broomsticks
An aisle connecting rooms in a western tower : Corridor (West Tower)
An ever changing way to move between floors : Grand Staircase
Are you ready for a moment of vivification : Changing Room
Around the corner from Diagon Alley : Knockturn Alley

Rowan’s Case
Scavenger Hunt Hogwarts Mystery | Scavenger Hunt Hogwarts Mystery (5)
Rowan has discovered something intriguing ! Decode the cryptic clues to solve this mystery !

Best seats in the house for a Quidditch match : Quidditch Stands
Care for a rock cake? You’ll find some here : Hagrid’s Hut
Careful of the webs : Spider’s Lair
Chintz armchairs and little pouffes, anyone : Divinations
Close to the Hufflepuff Common Room : Kitchens
Come here if you have a cough or runny nose : Hospital Wing
Don’ want no one ter see yeh down there : Knockturn Alley
Don’t let Pitts catch you in here : Kitchens
Fancy a bath : Prefect’s Bathroom
Grab your brooms and gear up for Quidditch : Changing Room
Grab your schoolbooks in Diagon Alley : Flourish & Blotts
Greenhouse Three is a must-see : Herbology
Hagrid has strange things growing here : Hagrid’s Garden
Human visitors are rarely allowed at this Camp : Centaur Camp

Penny’s Potions
Scavenger Hunt Hogwarts Mystery | Scavenger Hunt Hogwarts Mystery (6)
Penny needs your help gathering ingredients for an especially difficult potion. Can you find them all ?

I a-shore you this place is great for a swim : Lakeshore
I can hear a pin drop here : Library
I heard a cat Animagus teaches this class : Transfiguration Class
I hope you know the Bubbble-Head Charm : Black Lake Underwater
I hope you’re dressed to meet the Merqueen : Merpeople Village
I predict that you will find this location : Divinations
I really lake this spot in the forest : Forest Lake
I shore hope you brought your swim gear : Lakeshore
If you’re lucky, you may see a bird catch fire : Dumbledore’s Office
Is that a Chimaera I see : Care of Magical Creatures
Is that a fountain I hear : Courtyard
Is that a teacup with legs on that desk : Charms
It’s easy to get turned around here : Grand Staircase
It’s time to play Quidditch : Quidditch Pitch

Murphy’s Mental Match
Scavenger Hunt Hogwarts Mystery | Scavenger Hunt Hogwarts Mystery (7)
Murphy has challenged you to a battle of wits ! Can you decode his cryptic clues ?

Let’s agree to meet in Classroom 2E : Charms
Makers of Fine Wands since 382 B.C : Ollivander’s
Mundungus Fletcher’s favourite alley : Knockturn Alley
Murphy McNully’s throne, so to speak : Commentary Box
New students dock here at the start of the year : Boathouse
No cursing allowed in this classroom : Defense Against the Dark Arts
One of the coldest classrooms at Hogwarts : Potions
Only 6 visitors per patient, please : Hospital Wing
Overdue books must be returned immediately : Library
Owned and operated by a Dumbledore : Hog’s Head Inn
Planted in 1971 to hide a secret passage : Whomping Willow
Practise your spells on the dummies out here : Training Grounds
Rubber ducks, toaster, and blenders — oh my : Muggle Studies
Run by the hilarious Bilton Bilmes : Zonkos
Scrapes and bruises get treated here : Hospital Wing
Some well-polished manacles hang here : Filch’s Office
Stone homes in the middle of the lake : Merpeople Village

Corey’s Case
Scavenger Hunt Hogwarts Mystery | Scavenger Hunt Hogwarts Mystery (8)
Corey has stumbled onto an intriguing mystery ! Can you decipher all of the clues ?

The best Butterbeer in Hogsmeade is here : Three Broomsticks
The home of the Acromantulas : Spider’s Lair
The oldest pub in London : Leaky Cauldron
The one place where electricity (sort of) works : Muggle Studies
The owner remembers every item ever sold : Ollivander’s
The prime outlet of Frog Spawn Soap : Zonkos
The Professor here plants seeds of learning : Herbology
The safest place in the world for anything : Gringotts
The social hub of Hogsmeade : Three Broomsticks
The stars are best seen from this tower : Astronomy Tower
The tallest tower at Hogwarts : Astronomy Tower
The walls are lined with strange concoctions : Potions
There may be a forbidden Cursed Vault here : Forest Grove
There’s a ghost teaching this class : History of Magic
There’s lots of confiscated items here : Filch’s Office
This is where you find the Supreme Mugwump : Dumbledore’s Office
To the left of a statue of Boris the Bewildered : Prefect’s Bathroom
Two golden cat statues stand proudly : Transfiguration Class

Barnaby’s Knarl Tour
Scavenger Hunt Hogwarts Mystery | Scavenger Hunt Hogwarts Mystery (9)
Barnaby needs your help showing his pet knarl new and interesting places ! Are your skills as a tour guide up to the challenge ?

Watch out for that branch : Whomping Willow
Watch out for the Grindylows : Black Lake Underwater
Watch out for the red-capped fiend here : Red Cap’s Hole
What is the function of a rubber duck : Muggle Studies
What’s that I see? It’s Classroom 3C : Defense Against the Dark Arts
Where can I find a pumpkin at Hogwarts : Hagrid’s Garden
Where our fine-feathered friends roost : Owlery
Where we all come together : Great Hall
Where would you find Jae Kim : Kitchens
Where you go to watch Quidditch matches : Quidditch Stands
Who… Who… Who goes there : Owlery

Levi’s Misplaced Wand
Scavenger Hunt Hogwarts Mystery | Scavenger Hunt Hogwarts Mystery (10)
Levi needs your help finding his misplaced wand ! Can you help him retrace his steps ?

Yeh get a lot o’ funny folk’ here : Hog’s Head Inn
You can attend book signings here : Flourish & Blotts
You can comment on Quidditch here : Commentary Box
You can spend your break in this open space : Courtyard
You may find some treasure down here : Red Cap’s Hole
You may know me as Classroom 1B : Transfiguration Class
You may see a pineapple dancing in this class : Charms
You may see centaurs here getting water : Forest Lake
You may see Fang amongst the pumpkins : Hagrid’s Garden
You may want to invest some time here : Gringotts
You might find a grand feast or two here : Great Hall
You should really check out this location : Library
You’ll brew up a good time here : Potions
You’ll find a portrait of a mermaid on the wall : Prefect’s Bathroom
You’ll find many creatures here : Care of Magical Creatures
You’ll find secret passages in the paintings : Grand Staircase
You’ll have gobs of fun in this place : Courtyard
You’ll meet the Quidditch team out here to play : Quidditch Pitch


if you don’t find the question that you’re looking for, just comment below ! so we can figure it out together the location for you scavenger hunt question in hogwarts mystery ! I hope this list of answers helpful for you, and have a nice day guys =)

Scavenger Hunt Hogwarts Mystery | Scavenger Hunt Hogwarts Mystery (2024)


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